Your clients and business are exposed. Let's fix that.

In today’s day and age of remote working and outsourcing, the cyber security risks to a business are significant and growing.

But we get it… you’re busy and probably don’t have the time (nor the interest) to understand the world of cyber and how to protect your business.

The good news is that if you’re ready to protect your clients and business, you’ve arrived at the right place. We’ve assembled a suite of services to give your business the necessary protections you need to guard against cyber threats. 

You’ve worked too hard to lose your reputation and hundreds of thousands of dollars to online criminals. Let us implement the solutions that your business needs so you can rest easy, knowing that you’re taking all the reasonable steps to protect your clients and your business.

Email Safety

Email is one of the most common entry points for cybercriminals.

Minimise the risks of viruses, ransomware and the loss of sensitive information with a complete protection solution.

“I didn’t realise until recently how risky our email setup was to our clients and our business in general. I’m glad we now have this sorted (and it was surprisingly straightforward)”

Adviser Practice Principal
Cyber Threat Security Services Australia
Cyber Threat Security Services Australia

Staff Training

A device left unlocked, a laptop connecting to public WiFi, an easy-to-hack password… Often, it is the simple things that cause the biggest problems.

Upskill your team and protect your clients with our straightforward and effective cybersecurity training.

“The training was interactive, engaging and highly relevant… we have a mix of technology knowledge levels in our team, ranging from basic to advanced, and your training had plenty of valuable sessions for everyone”

Operations Manager

Device Endpoint Protection

Access our premium software and technical support to prevent cybercrime.

We’ll arrange access to the latest solutions so you know you have the highest level of security, no matter what device your team are using.

“The software was really easy to install… I couldn’t believe that I didn’t have to help anyone in our team to work it out!”

Practice Manager
Sunshine Coast
Cyber Threat Security Services Australia
Cyber Threat Security Services Australia

Compliance Audit

As a business owner, you have a duty to do the right thing by your clients and to have certain security measures in place to deter cybercrime. 

The trouble is that many business owners don’t even realise what steps are expected of them.

Let The Cyber Collective highlight your vulnerabilities and ensure you’re fully compliant.

“It was nice to see how many boxes we had ticked at the end of your process. We now have an objective opinion of our security levels, which will inform optimal decisions in the future.”

General Manager


Can you afford to lose hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars due to a cyberattack? 

The Cyber Collective will make sure you are fully insured with premium cover, so a worst-case scenario doesn’t destroy your business.

“We thought our cyber insurance policy was good, but we didn’t realise all the things it didn’t cover (like our team working from home). This has been a real eye-opener for us.”

Operations Manager
Cyber Threat Security Services Australia
Cyber Threat Security Services Australia


You’re too busy to set up the right online security solutions in the right way.

Leave all the heavy lifting to our expert team, so you can focus on what you do best.

“Not only was it great to have them get our cybersecurity measures in place, but they worked in really well with our existing IT provider.”

Practice Principal

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