Anti-Spoof & Phishing Policy

This Anti-Spoof & Phishing Policy details domains controlled and operated by our organization and the policies that have been applied to each domain.

To protect our customers, subscribers, our brand and reputation against spoof email messages, and to ensure visibility over how we operate our domains we have implemented Trusted Sender Score. This policy is a reference point for all internet users to check as to how we use and protect our domains.

The domains listed in this policy show which domains we use to send email and which domains do send email. A link is provided to each Trusted Sender Score domain profile which provides further information on each domain configuration.

If you receive emails or links that try to represent our domains in an unauthorized manner please check this policy and if you are still unsure please contact us to confirm the legitimacy of the email, link or web page.


We may occasionally send SMSes from Active Campaign or Clicksend.


We may occasionally send a direct message from our LinkedIn page ( or our founder’s LinkedIn account (