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FREE TRAINING - How to comply with ASIC's cyber security requirements


Fraser Jack Cyber Threat Security Consultant in Australia

About your instructor

Fraser Jack is the founder of The Cyber Collective. He is on a mission to make sure every client in Australia can trust that their financial professionals are safely protecting their confidential information, and he would love you to join him.

Having run a financial planning practice, working in and around the profession for over 20 years as a technology specialist, Fraser understands the reasonable steps professionals need to take to protect their client data.

How to comply with ASIC's cyber security requirements

ASIC’s rules are clear, but not many businesses are listening. Learn about the standards you need to hold yourself to so that your client data and business reputation are as secure as possible.

Why this matters

Learn what the real threats of cyber are and the implications for your business

What ASIC expect

Find out what ASIC requires your business to understand and adopt, in plain English

How-to Steps

Understand the key pillars of a cyber safe business, and the steps to secure your business

What you'll learn

Your policy, plan and procedure requirements

Essential strategies, standards and guidelines

The Frameworks and Systems to integrate

The importance of Resources and Controls

Case studies of real businesses, just like yours

Are Your Clients ACTUALLY Safe?

In today’s digital age, complacency is risky. Some simple steps now could save you years of stress and financial pain in the future.
Get on the front foot and protect your clients and business reputation today.