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Are you looking to improve your cyber security to protect your business from hackers trying to steal your client’s data and avoid having ‘that conversation’ with your clients

But, like most financial professionals, you may feel intimidated or confused about where to start, and how far to go.

Well, you are not alone,
All clients deserve to be able to trust their financial professionals.

The Cyber Collective was created to guide you and your team along this journey.

We are on a mission to ensure all clients can trust their financial professionals to maintain their data safely, and we would love for you to join us.

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The risks are real and the stakes are high

We understand that as financial professionals, the data you hold is a lot more valuable than any other small business.

Although it may feel like you are expected to have the security of a big bank, with the budget of a small business, don’t put your head in the sand, it is possible to do this efficiently and effectively.

We have guided many small to medium financial professional firms to protect over 100,000 clients and counting.

Our uplift process increases your cyber business security from wherever you are now to a confident cyber posture and keeps your team skilled in keeping the guard up.


Why Work With Us

Cyber Threat Security Services Australia

It’s all done for you


A One-Stop Solution

We know business owners don’t have a lot of time to think about cybersecurity.
Let us take care of everything so you have the peace of mind without the stress.

“We have so much on our plates in our business that we kept putting off the cyber security side of things. It was so useful to avoid the headache of doing all the research in finding the right solutions, let alone having to put them into place. Working with The Cyber Collective was seamless and it has given us so much reassurance, with minimal fuss”

Financial Adviser

Optimise digital security


Protect Your Reputation

Nobody wants the nightmare of having to notify their clients of a security breach and deal with the fallout of a cyber attack.
We apply the latest solutions to make sure you’re fully protected.

“I was genuinely shocked when I discovered how prevalent cyber security risks are in today’s day and age. The potential damage to a business is huge and quite simply, can no longer be ignored. It’s so reassuring to have The Cyber Collective in my corner to make sure that all my clients are protected”

Business coach
Cyber Threat Security Services Australia
Cyber Threat Security Services Australia

Save time and money


World-Class Protection

We have picked ‘best of breed’ partners to ensure your business and clients have the best protection. Avoid all the research, and partner with the pros.

“Working with each of The Cyber Collective’s suppliers has made me realise how much we didn’t know what we didn’t know about this aspect of our business. Their team feel like an ‘Oceans 11’ of cyber security who are at the top of their game and get in and do their job perfectly. Highly recommended”

Practice Manager
$0 Billions

Cybercrime cost Aussies $33 billion in 2020/2021 (ACSC Annual Cyber Threat Report)


Incidents were reported in 2020/2021.


Of Australian businesses say they have experienced a cyber incident (ASCS Small Business Survey)

0 days lost

The average time it takes to resolve a cyber attack.


The financial sector is 300 times more likely to experience a cyberattack than other businesses.


The number of cyberattacks reported by Australian small businesses each day.


The average cost of dealing with a computer access crime.

0 days

The average time between a cyber breach happening, and when a business discovers it (IMB, 2021)

0 %

The number of cybersecurity breaches caused by human error (World Economic Forum, 2020)


Helpful Hints

Learn more about cyber security and what it means for your business, in plain English.


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