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Are you responsible for overseeing the security of multiple advice businesses?

If so, we can customise a solution to meet the cyber security needs of you and your network.

We’ll help educate the members of your network about the risks facing their clients and business, and help them get on top of this looming threat.

If you’d like to understand how we can add value to your service offering and reduce risk for your advisers, let’s have a chat.

Cyber Threat Security Services Australia


Education and Engagement

How We Can Help

Are your business and your advisers exposed when it comes to the risks of cyber?

Here’s how we can educate, engage and assist the businesses in your network, at scale, to protect their clients and their reputation.

Free Keynote Presentations

Our free PD day and webinar training is the perfect way for you to educate your advice network and help them take action to reduce cybersecurity risks in their businesses.

Implemented Solutions

We know businesses don’t have a lot of time to think about cybersecurity. We take care of implementing everything, so advisers can have peace of mind without the stress.

Cyber Audit Service

At the end of our process, we will audit your advice businesses so you are clear on their levels of cybersecurity, and have comfort that they’re putting the right measures in place.

Why Work With Us?

Protect your reputation

Nobody wants the nightmare of having to deal with the media fallout and brand damage of a cyber attack within their network. We’ll keep you out of the headlines by making sure your advisers are fully protected.

Keep the regulators happy

Our suite of solutions is based on global best-practice in cybersecurity. We intimately understand these frameworks and ASIC’s requirements and have reverse-engineered our education and services accordingly.

Give value to your network

Advisers are starting to think about cyber security and ask questions about it. This is your chance to be on the front foot and help your advisers protect their clients, their reputation and their business valuation.

About Fraser Jack

Fraser Jack is the founder of The Cyber Collective. He is on a mission to make sure every client in Australia can trust that their financial professionals are safely protecting their confidential information, and he would love you to join him.

Having run a financial planning practice, and working in and around the profession for over 20 years as a technology specialist, Fraser understands the reasonable steps professionals need to take to protect their client data.

Fraser Jack Cyber Threat Security Consultant in Australia

Keynote Presentation

Are you the next press headline? Cybersecurity, ASIC and you.

ASIC has now made clear the obligations on Licensees and Advice Businesses in relation to Cybersecurity, and they are not mucking around.

Cybersecurity is a real threat to your network in 2022. There’s an obligation for businesses to report all attacks and failed security can threaten a practice’s trusted relationships with their clients, their business reputation and even their business valuation.

Behind the cyber IT jargon, complexities and acronyms there can be a very practical solution that is easy to implement into an advice practice and allows them to demonstrate the steps they have taken to protect their client’s data.

In this must-attend webinar, advisers will walk away with a very real plan of attack and a simple set of solutions which they can implement.

Attendees Will Learn

  • Why cybersecurity risks can no longer be ignored by our industry
  • Where businesses need to focus to reduce the risks they are facing
  • The practical steps to put a cyber plan in place, whatever size your business is

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